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While we are engrossed with the movie in theaters in 2012, is the story behind that we are not aware or unaware ... Please pass on our seIslam brother ... may be a reminder and we return to the cut-line ... può

Look at the calendar for the year 2012 ...

First Ramadan in the year 2012 falls on July 20 Friday, August 3, 2012 to be equivalent to 15 days of Ramadan also fell Friday. With the hadith of the Prophet about the chaos that will occur in the middle of the night of Friday 15 Ramadan Ramadan in this world that will surprise everyone was asleep, about one voice we hear is horrible will close the heavens, not the Resurrection, but chaotic hara will destroy mankind in the face of the earth by two thirds and left only 1 / 3 shj. (NASA United had made an announcement on 21.12.2012 will be no planet X that pass through the earth)

Do we all belong to the third .. the Only the Almighty God only knows

Let us read the Hadith, the Prophet and the fact the Islamic Calendar 2012: -

Nu'aim bin Hammad narrated by sanadnya that said:

When the voice has emerged in the month of Ramadhan, there will be chaos in the month of Shawwal ...". We say: "Voice of the, ya Allah?" He said: "Sound hard in the middle of Ramadan, on Friday night, would appear hard to develop the voice of sleep, a person who stands settled down, the girl out of the pingitannya, on Friday night in the occurrence of many earthquake. If you already perform prayers on Friday morning, you went to the house, you, cover doors, sumbatlah hole-hole, and you selimutilah yourself, you sumbatlah ear. If you feel that the voice of thunder, then bersujudlah you to God and say: "Al-Quddus holy, holy Al-Quddus, Al-Quddus Pity us!", Because anyone doing so will be safe, but whoever does not do so perish. "

Date2 important Islamic Calendar 2012

Awal Muharram: November 26, 2011 (1433 AH)
Aashura: December 5, 2011
Ramadan: July 20 - August 18, 2012
Hari Raya Aidilfitri: August 19, 2012
Seasons: October 24 - October 27, 2012
Hari Raya Haji: October 26, 2012

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